There is an entire vocabulary you need to learn before you get on the trail.  Knowing it before hand will be helpful and not act like a newbie..

NOBO – Title given to North Bound hikers

SOBO – You guessed it!  South Bound hikers

Thru-Hiker – Hikers trying to do the whole trail, hiking north, south or “flip-flopping,” in one season.

Section Hikers – Hikers doing a specific section of the trail with the ultimate goal of hiking the entire trail over a period of years.

Flip Flopper – Not a bad approach to a thru-hike.  One who leaves the trail half way through, goes to the “end” (Katahdin if you are NOBO and Springer Mountain if SOBO) of the trail and then hikes back to where they left the trail.  Great idea if you have any doubt about reaching Katahdin by October 15th.  It would be a shame to walk “almost all the way” except for the last mountain (Katahdin) accent and find the mountain closed.

Blaze – The white train markers you see marking the trail and keeping you on track.

Purist – Those hikers who stick to the white marked trail religiously.

PUDS – Pointless Ups and Downs.

Blue Blazers – Hikers who follow the blue marked, side trails to see as much as possible.

Yellow Blazers – Cheaters who catch rides and skip any portion of the trail.  Not viewed upon favorably to say the least.

Trail Magic – Gift’s given to hikers from others in the form of water, food and other  supplies.

Trail Angels – Those who make Trail Magic.

Skift – A dusting of snow

Bald – A mountain top with no trees

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