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My Appalachian Trail Back Pack List

By no means am I an expert on hiking, nor do I play one on TV.  I am a Web Developer, Investor and sports junkie.  My sport of choice is racquetball, which I have been playing for 39 years.  (The link is to a web site of a retired pro who has been kind enough to train my wife and I in the finer points of doubles.)

I am on the court an average of 4 times a week for a couple hours each time.  I say this because racquetball keeps the leg muscles and ticker in good condition.  It also burns an amazing amount of calories because it is anaerobic.  We also are avid Pickleball players and are transitioning from racquetball due to reduced joint demands.

My second passion is hiking in the wilderness.  It has been a while (1996) since my last big hike, (living in Houston, TX does not give you a lot of hiking options). When planning my 2019 adventure, I have been blown away by the incredible advancements and changes in gear for the trail.  I have my gear list already to go but it is subject to change,

Here is a link to an excellent article about  “What to take on a hiking trip“.


My Hiking Gear List for the Appalachian Trail – 2019

Steven’s Back Pack Inventory – revised as of 11/5/2018
Back Pack Weight – Ounces Pack Weight in LBS Not In Back Pack
Osprey Atmos 65 Large 74 4.63
Sleep System Components
Big Agnus Copper Spur HV 3 60.8
Footprint – Polycryo 4
REI Marmot 10 Sleeping Bag 850 water resistant 32
Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol Ultralight 14
Total Weight in ounces 110.8
Weight in Pounds 6.925 11.55
Foot Gear
Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Trail Runners Switch in Spring
Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Neoshell Mid Hiking Boots 23.8
Camp Shoes 7
Altra Gators 2
Total Weight in ounces 32.8
Weight in Pounds 2.05 13.60
Cooking Systems
Optimus (H)EAT Cooking Bag 2.7
Lone Peak Titanium 3
Etekcity Ultralight Portable Stove 4.2
Sea to Summit Titanium Spork 0.64
MSR ISO Pro 13.1 oz Cooking Fuel 13.1
Total Weight in ounces 23.64
Weight in Pounds 1.48 15.08
Water Treatment System
Sawyer Gravity Filter System – 1 gallon 12
LifeStraw Personal 0
Aquamira Water Treatment – 1 oz. 1
Seattle Sports AquaSto 1.5
Total Weight in ounces 14.5
Weight in Pounds 0.91 15.98
Cold Weather Clothes
North Face VP Hellas Ace Puffy Jacket 9
2 buffs @ 1 oz each 2
Seirus Hoodz 4
Winter Ski Gloves 12
Total Weight in ounces 27
Weight in Pounds 1.69 17.67
Rain Gear
North Face Rain Jacket 14
Osprey Back Pack Rain Cover 3.32
Terra Hiker Pancho 9.2
Contractors Bag in Back Pack 2
Total Weight in ounces 28.52
Weight in Pounds 1.78 19.45
Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad 2
Osprey Talon 6 Front Hydration Pack 6
Equinox Bear Bag kit with cord and rock bag 4
5 inch Trail Knive – Light Weight 6.25 NIBP
GSI Outdoors Cathole  Trowel 3.1
Toilet Paper – 1 roll 8
Bear Alarm 2 oz NIBP
Gold Bond Friction defence 4
2 – Knee pads 11.1 oz NIBP
Med Kit 8.4 oz NIBP
Personal Toothbrush/Toothpaste
REI Hiking Towel 2
Dehydrated wipes 5oz NIBP
Carmex 1 oz NIBP
Fire Starter/lighter 2 oz NIBP
AT Passport 1
Total Weight in ounces 24.1
Weight in Pounds 1.51 20.96
Iphone 7S 8.7
10000 mah Brick charger 24
Cables for phone and Selfie Stick 1.02
Black Diamond Headlamp 3 oz NIBP
Selfie Stick w/remote 5.4 oz NIBP
Total Weight in ounces 33.72
Weight in Pounds 2.1075 23.07
2 Pair of Wright socks – Ankle
2 Pair of Wright Socks – Full size wool
2 Base Layer Shirts
Convertible Pants/Shorts
2 pair Calvin Klein underwear
Pair of full leg gym tards
Head Bands
Total Weight in ounces 21
1.3125 24.38
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