Wildlife on the Appalachian Trail

Not a complete listing but a good one:

Rattlesnakes, Copperheads, Bald Eagles, Falcons/Hawks, Black Bears, Moose, rabbits, chipmunks, Wild Turkey (not the bottled kind),  grouse, porcupines, deer (lots of them), coyotes, raccoons, mice, rats, turtles, bats, foxes (who make the most unusual cry’s at night, owls, all sorts of smaller birds, sloths (just kidding), and lot’s of creeping things.

You will also see some domestic livestock, horses and an occasional wild boar/pig.

Fish – I carry a small fishing rig sometimes when in New England and have occasionally caught fish from small streams and rivers.  I would not recommend for anyone to plan to supplement your trail diet with fishing.  I just love brook trout. Check the State Fishing license laws you are in and be sure you are in compliance.