It is official.  I have my back pack ordered.

After researching the back pack options, I chose the green (easy to pick out of a crowd), Osprey Atmos 65 AG.

I am 6′ tall, so it should be an almost perfect fit, but it is adjustable. I will have some patches to apply and still need to pick up some other items but will be loading it with gear (30 pounds) and start my training next week. An yes, it will sport a Dudley DoRight sticker or two.

We will take it on I hikes in North Carolina, NH and Maine this summer for some additional “real training” in the wilderness.  I do not think the 61 flights of stairs at the Williams Tower next to Houston’s Galleria counts in comparison to Mount Washington, in New Hampshire.

Next acquisition will be my bed mat and sleeping bag. In February, it is still pretty cold in the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.  

Come join us on the Appalachian Trail in 2019!



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