Appalachian Trail Re-Supply Locations

Thank you to Gorp-Gobbler aka Greg Cramer

One of the most confusing topics for new Appalachian Trail thru-hikers to plan as they attempt to coordinate their adventure is how to figure out the right amount of food to last between resupplies. An unfortunate effect is that many hikers start out carrying way too much food weight. This can evolve from a minor to a major problem, and too frequently causes injury early on in a hike because not only are your legs not ready for endurance walking up and down strenuous mountains, but they’re also ill-prepared to manage the weight of an extra 30-40 pounds.

Pre-hike tip #1: Buy ATC’s “Thru-Hiker’s Companion”.  Plan to start at a 10-mile-per-day pace the first week of your hike until you learn your limits as a hiker.

Pre-hike tip #2: As you start your northbound journey, if starting at Amicalola, plan for four days of food.  For each day, plan a breakfast, a second breakfast, lunch, two afternoon snacks, and a substantial dinner including protein. Add some comfort chocolate or other goodies if you prefer. If your food bag weighs more than ten pounds leaving north from Springer or Amicalola, you’re carrying more food than you will need to get to your first easy resupply point.

Listed below are the best resupply points along the Appalachian Trail.  With a few exceptions, AT hikers will rarely go more than 50 miles without a resupply option. 

Mile 31 Mountain Crossings: A full-service outfitter with full resupply, the trail will run you right into the front door of this first stop along the trail.  As mentioned above, you don’t need more than four days of food to get you here.

Mile 52 OR 69 – Hiawassee, GA: If you stay at Top of Georgia hostel, 706-982-3252, multiple shuttles are available into town. Budget Inn706-896-4121 in Hiawassee is another lodging option that will come pick you up and deliver you back to the trail if you choose to stay there.

Mile 110 – Franklin, NC: At Winding Stair Gap, US 64, hitch a ride into Franklin. Or call Haven’s Budget Inn at 828-524-4403 and see if they can pick you up. While in town, visit the Lazy Hiker Brewing Company and Rock House Lodge to celebrate exiting your first state!  You can also resupply at Gooder Grove Hostel & Adventure Ctr.

Mile 137Nantahala Outdoor Center: No hitch required! NOC outfitters is on site with gear and food resupply.

Mile 164 Fontana General StoreLocated 2 miles west of the A.T. from the point you cross Hwy 28. The trail takes you right to the visitor’s center which offers snacks, but I wouldn’t call it a full resupply.  This is your last chance to print your Smokies permit and to resupply before entering the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Mile 207 – Newfound Gap, Gatlinburg: A shuttle or hitch is definitely required to make it 15 miles from here into Gatlinburg, but if you’ve never experienced the city, it’s worth the trip! Resupply options, honestly, aren’t as great as you’d expect in a town with so much to offer, but there’s enough to be found at pharmacies and the tiny grocers on the strip to make it another few days on trail.  Unique experiences, a plethora of food, and Smoky Mountain Brewery are a few notable mentions in town.

Mile 241Standing Bear Farm Hostel, off of Green Corner Road: Though certainly not a Walmart, this hostel offers adequate resupply options as you exit the Smokies.

Mile 274Hot Springs, NC: The white blazes lead you right through this awesome trail town! With several hostel options including Elmers, 828-622-7206 and Laughing Heart, 828-206-8487, and several resupply spots in town, Bluff Mountain Outfitters,  828-622-7162, and Dollar General.

Mile 342 – Erwin, TN,  The trail leads you right to Uncle Johnny’s doorstep. He runs a popular hostel with complete outfitter and resupply.  When you stay, he also shuttles you into town for free.  423-735-0548

Mile 367Greasy Creek Hostel, phone 828-688-9948 – Small resupply offered at this off-trail hostel.

Mile 393Mountain Harbour Hostel, 866-772-9494 – Only a 0.3 mile walk off trail, a small resupply is offered here. This would be a great place to mail yourself a resupply box!

Mile 421- Hampton, TN,  Take the beautiful, creekside, 1 mile side trail into Hampton, TN.  Resupply options are a bit limited, but there is a Dollar General and a couple of small grocers in town.

Mile 469Damascus, VA Welcome to Virginia, the self-proclaimed “State for Lovers”.  The blazes walk you straight through the heart of this trail town.  Several hostels are available if you choose to stay in this popular trail town.  The Place at 276-475-3441, Crazy Larry’s at 276-274-3637, and Woodchuck Hostel, 406-407-1272 are just a handful of what’s available. With three outfitters in town plus a couple of grocers, an ample resupply is available here.  Only a short walk out of town is the Damascus Brewery for beer lovers.

Mile 532 – Marion, VAThe spot where the AT crosses VA 16 is a 6 mile hitch into Marion, VA. There are plenty of large grocery chains and restaurants in Marion. There’s even a drive in movie theater! Hmmm, I wonder if they accept walk-ins. 😉

Mile 543 – Atkins, VA: The trail leads you to the east side of Atkins where you’ll find a Shell Convenience store.  Limited resupply available here.

Mile 590 – Bland, VA: just over three miles off trail, Bland offers a supermarket and a Dollar General as well as a few restaurants.

Mile 608 – Trent’s GroceryOnly a half mile off trail, Trent’s offers food, camping, showers, and a small resupply. 276-928-1349

Mile 634 – Pearisburg, VALess than a mile to walk from trail to town, Pearisburg is worth a visit. In town you’ll find lots of grocers for resuppply and every hiker’s favorite, an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet!

Mile 702 – Catawaba, VA: Donation-based Four Pines Hostel, 540-309-8615, is an easy 0.3 of a mile road walk from the A.T. They offer shuttles to Catawaba Grocery and the Homeplace Restaurantwhen it is open.

Mile 729 – Troutville, VA: Eight tenths of a mile from the trail is the town of Troutville complete with a Kroger grocery store and outfitter.  Troutville also offers a relatively new brewery within walking distance, Flying Mouse Brewery, along with many lodging options.

Mile 784 – Glasgow, VA: Glasgow isn’t the easiest place to hitch a ride into town based on my experience, but patience usually pays off.  There are small grocers in town and a free,town-provided pavilion with hot showers, a porta-potty, and tenting allowed.

Mile 806 –Buena Vista, VA: Nine miles off trail is the little town of “B-yoo-nu-Vista”, as the locals pronounce it. With a Food Lion and several reasonable hotels, a campground, and restaurants, you’ll find what you need for a full resupply.

Mile 861 –Waynesboro, VA:  4.5 miles off trail, Waynseboro is a hiker-friendly trail town offering a YMCA center for camping and showers, two hiker hostels, an outfitter, and plenty of large market options.  The best thing about Waynesboro is Ming Garden, an all you can eat lunch and dinner Chinese restaurant. Yes, please.

As you enter Shenandoah National Park, prepare to be spoiled.  There are stores/restaurants/bars throughout the park called “Waysides” which offer various resupply options and a limited outdoor selection. You won’t need to carry as much food as normal if you plan to capitalize on the meals offered at the Waysides.

Mile 890Loft Mountain WaysideBreakfast, lunch, and dinner is served.  Food resupply items in store.

Mile 915 – Lewis Mountain Campground and store: Home of the $1 cans of beer! You can even purchase singles of the good stuff for cheaper than you can purchase a can of soda. Charge your phone and enjoy a couple of drinks while you peruse the small resupply selection.

Mile 923 – Big Meadows Wayside: Meals served and small resupply options available here. Great bar downstairs!

Mile 931 – Skyland Resort and Restaurant: The gift shop on site sells basic resupply items. There’s a bar on site.

Mile 941 – Luray, VA: At US 211, if you can land a 9 mile hitch into town, Luray is a fun place to chill for a day or two. Ample restaurants and a few large and small markets in town, bowling and a movie theater, this city offers plenty of off-trail fun!

Mile 950 – Elkwallow Wayside: Visible from where the trail crosses Skyline 23.9, you’ve only got a 0.1 of a mile walk to reach Elkwallow.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served on site and limited groceries available.

Mile 969 – Front Royal, VA: Front Royal is a pretty easy place to hitch a ride from US Hwy 522. There are tons of options for food and resupply in Front Royal.  The Front Royal Hostel is half a mile off trail at mile 965. Free morning shuttle into town with stay. 540-539-0509

Check out Bears Den Hostel and Blackburn AT Center for lodging options between miles 1002-1010. Read about them here. (Page 96 and 97)

Mile 1023 – Harpers Ferry, WV:  Celebrate your “almost” halfway point as the trail takes you directly into this unique little trail town! Only a small percentage of thru-hikers make it this far!  While in town, visit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s headquarters and have your picture made for the yearly album.  There are a few small stores and restaurants in town for resupply and yumminess.  This would be a good town to consider sending yourself a resupply box as your options are a bit limited in town.

Mile 1054 – Smithsburg, MD: One and a half miles west of the A.T., you can find a Food Lion and several restaurants in Smithsburg, MD.

Mile 1063 – Waynesboro, PA: The trail takes you 2 miles from the town’s Walmart and 4.5 miles from downtown with other resupply options.

Mile 1081 – Fayetteville, PA: Walmart is 7 miles west of the A.T. and a couple of smaller markets lie within 2 miles from the trail. Stick out that thumb and smile!

Mile 1101 –Pine Grove General Store: The trail leads you right past Pine Grove General store, most famous for its half-gallon challenge where hikers attempt to eat that much ice cream in half an hour. Most regret it afterwards.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There is short-term resupply offered here.  717-486-4920

Mile 1121 – Boiling Springs, PAOur beloved trail leads you right into the heart of Boiling Springs, PA.  A few small food marts are in town. Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse, 800-430-5468, is a fun landing spot for a night with delicious food and a bar with a good beer selection.

Mile 1146 – Duncannon, PA: This is yet another trail town where following the white blazes leads you straight through its heart.  The Doyle is a must-stop, at least for a beer and a burger.  Several small convenience stores in town for resupply. This would be an awesome town to send ahead a box to ensure you get what you need in a full resupply.  A new article coming soon on how to coordinate mail drops. Will link.

Mile 1191 and 1193 – Pine Grove, PA: A little over 3 miles off trail, there are small resupply options in Pine Grove, PA.  A Dollar General and BG’s Market, 570-345-0464, exist there for you to stock up on what you need.

Mile 1217 – Port Clinton and Hamburg, PA: The trail takes you right through Port Clinton where landing a ride into Hamburg is a cinch if you stop into the Port Clinton Barber Shop to hang out a while. Hamburg offers a variety of yummy eating spots, a Walmart superstore, and a Cabellas outfitter.  Port Clinton allows hikers to set up tents or sleep inside the town pavilion. Respect it as a privilege and take care of the place on behalf of all of us out there.

Mile 1257 – Palmerton, PA:  Only 1.5 miles off the A.T., Palmerton has it all.  Full resupply and eating options in town.

Mile 1277 – Wind Gap, PA: An easy 1 mile walk or hitch into town, Wind Gap offers a couple of lodging options and two food stores for resupply.  Restaurants are varied.

Mile 1293 – Delaware Water Gap, PA: This is a popular trail town for hikers to take a zero mile day.  The white blazes take you right through the middle of town. A donation based church hostel is available in the center of town, The Church of the Mountain Hostel 570-476-0345. Please donate what you can to thank this church for the amazing service they offer us!   In town is Sycamore Grillwith beer and wings specials, Edge of the Woods Outfitters for resupply, and a couple of small grocers.

Mile 1336 – Port Jervis, NY: This town offers a Price Chopper and Shop Right market and is located 4.4 miles from the A.T. trailhead.

Mile 1345 – Unionville, NY: Only a 0.7 mile walk off trail, this little town offers free hiker camping behind their post office. The two town markets are small but offer adequate food resupply options.  Enjoy the pizza and tavern in town!

Mile 1356 – Vernon, NJ: The town sits 2.4 miles off trail, but Clarity found it to be a pretty easy hitch to and from town.  There’s an A&P Grocery in town and several restaurants to satisfy your hiker hunger. St. Thomas Episcopal Church offers a donation-based hiker hostel.  They put a lot of work and service into the hostel, so please leave a donation as a thanks. Their phone number is 973-764-7506.

Mile 1383 – Harriman, NY: Harriman is 3.7 miles off the A.T. and offers lodging and grocers.

Mile 1403 – Fort Montgomery, NY: One point eight miles off trail, you can eat and resupply here.  Mobile Market and Chestnut Mart are small markets.

Mile 1448 – Pawling, NY: 2.6 miles off trail, you’ll mostly find eateries here, but there is a CVS and free camping in town  and more options another 1.8 miles into Hannaford.

Mile 1467 – Kent, CT: Only 0.8 mile off trail, Kent offers a couple of small resupply options, a spattering of restaurants, and Kingsley Tavern to quench your thirst.

Mile 1490 – Falls Village, CT:  Check out Bearded Woods One-of-a-Kind Bunk & Dine for a well-deserved splurge!  Resupply and shuttles to town are offered with stay.  This place is architecturally beautiful, clean, and dinner and breakfast are provided.  Reservations required.  860-480-2966

Mile 1499 – Salisbury, CT: Ms. Maria Macabe and Vanessa Breton offer low cost bedrooms and showers for a night. The town has very limited resupply but several restaurants.

Mile 1520 – Great Barrington, MA: An easy hitch off a busy highway, Great Barrington is a neat town. Everything you could possibly want to eat can be found in town from chain restaurants to local joints.  There’s a Price Chopper and a Walmart a short walk north of town.

Mile 1550 – Lee, MA: Hitchhike the 5 miles into town if you want to visit Price Chopper for your resupply needs.

Mile 1569 – Dalton, MA:  Follow the white blazes straight into Dalton past Sweet Pea’s ice cream shop into town. There is a fair amount of resupply to be found in Dalton.

Mile 1578 – Cheshire, MA: Our faithful blazes once again lead us through this tiny Massachusetts town.  Resupply options are limited, but there are a couple of convenience stores to stock up on the basics. This would be a good place to consider sending yourself a resupply box.

Mile 1592 – North Adams and Williamstown, MA: One direction takes you into Willamstown, 2.7 miles from the trailhead.  The other direction will walk you about 2 miles into North Adams with stopping points along the way.

Mile 1610 – Bennington, VT: Town is 3.4 miles from where the A.T. crosses VT 9.

Mile 1650 – Manchester Center, VT: Though town is 5.4 miles from the trailhead, you get spit out on a main highway, so getting a ride is pretty simple.  Green Mountain House, 330-388-6478, a clean hostel option in town, offers shuttles with stay. Firefly gets Clarity’s vote as the best pub food and beer in town.  Resupply options include Price Chopper and other small markets.

Mile 1700 – Rutland, VT: Due in part to this being the town where The Yellow Deli hiker hostel is located, folks passing by the A.T. are pretty quick to pick up a hiker looking for a ride into town. Within walking distance from the donation based hostel is a Walmart, Price Chopper, and even a movie theater if you’re in need of a relaxing zero mile day. Clarity recommends Hop’n Moose for dinner and delicious on-site brewed beer!

Mile 1704 – Killington, VT: If you’d prefer to walk into towns rather than hitching, Killington is a mere 0.6 of a mile off trail at VT 100 and has options Base Camp Outfitters offering gear and food resupply and a small deli/market exists in town.

Mile 1747 – Hanover, NH: You’ll follow the white blaze right into the heart of it. Upon entering town, stop at Lou’s for a free gourmet muffin, Ramunto’s pizzeria for a free slice and an awesome beer selection, and a Co-op Food Store for substantial resupply. There’s free camping north of Hanover in the woods at the trailhead.

Mile 1800 or mile 1816 – North Woodstock and Lincoln, NH: In North Woodstock, there’s the Notch Hostel, 603-348-1483, and in Lincoln, though not mentioned in the trail guides, there is Chet’s place, the most popular thru-hiker landing spot in the area.  Resupply options are ubiquitous. Outfitters and Price Choppers among other resupply stations are located in town.

Mile 1870 or 1891- Gorham, NH: White Mountains Lodge and Hostel offers free evening shuttle into town for resupply at Walmart. Various food options in town from an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet to Salt Pub to get your drink fix.

Mile 1932 – Andover, ME: You’ve made it into your last state! Congrats on being among the few who have done so.  Andover is located 8 miles from the trailhead.  Extensive resupply available at Pine Ellis Lodging, and they will pick you up for a fee. Also within walking distance in this tiny town are a couple of small general stores. Mills Market cooked up the best brick oven pizza I experienced on the entire trail…what a gas station surprise!

Mile 1969 – Rangeley, ME: Rangeley marks the halfway latitudinal point between the North Pole and the Equator and is home to Sarge’s Pub with good burgers and beer. The Hiker Hut and Farmhouse Inn are hostels in the area of this hiker-friendly town. The three outfitters in town are really your only option for resupply. This would be a good town for you to mail yourself a resupply box!

Mile 2001 – Stratton, ME: Stratton offers several small markets for adequate resupply. The White Wolf Inn, Home of the 8oz Wolf Burger, also houses a fairly decent selection of beer on tap.

Mile 2038 – Caratunk, ME: With two lodging options less than 2 miles from the trailhead, Caratunk is a good spot to stop for a night or two and mingle with your trail family.  The Sterling Inn, 207-672-3333 offers extensive resupply options, reasonable lodging, and a breakfast buffet.  In the opposite direction, Northern Outdoors sits 2 miles off trail and provides a free shuttle, use of shower, pool, and hot tub with or without stay, and offers rooms, cabin tents, and traditional tenting.  Kennebec River Pub and Brewery is on site.  Call for shuttles 800-765-7238.

Mile 2074 – Monson, ME: This is a must-stop trail town before hikers enter the Hundred Mile Wilderness.  With two great lodging options, Lakeshore House Lodging & Pub at 207-997-7069 and Shaw’s Lodging at 207-997-3597, there’s no shortage of places to land for a night to hang with your buds as your time together draws near to an end.  Resupply options are sparse, Pete’s Place (with a helluva good breakfast!) and Robinson’s are small general stores with enough options to get you through the wilderness.  Monson is a great place to mail yourself a food drop!

Mile 2174 – Millinocket, ME: You’ve done it!  The Hundred Mile Wilderness is behind you and only Katahdin looms ahead…your final mountain on the Appalachian Trail!  The Appalachian Trail Lodge, 207-723-4321, offers a fee daily shuttle from Baxter park in the afternoon.  Ole Man’s Gear Shop is on site, and theAppalachian Trail Cafe is located a block down the road offering happy hour specials on select beer.

Your final white blaze!  The days of planning resupplies, hiking from morning til night, and pigging out in hiker towns are over.  Real world sometimes sucks upon return! Hikers sometimes suffer from a bit of post-trail stress.  Coming soon is an article on ways to be proactive so that your transition back to reality is as stressfree as possible.  Cheers! Congrats!  🙂 You will never be quite the same.


Another list by John Michael Chapman

Guthooks still has some businesses listed that are permanently closed most have comments from hikers warning about it though. There weren’t a ton but I bumped into 5 or so grocery listings in app that had gone out of business.

(31) Mountain Crossings, Neels Gap (on trail)
– Blood Mountain Cabins & Country Store (0.4 South)
(69) Top of Georgia Hostle & Outfitter (0.8 North) (via Dick’s Creek Gap)
(137) NOC (Nanthalal Outdoor Center) (on trail)
(165) Fontana Dam – Fontana Village, NC (Via Fontana Dam Road)
– Pitstop Gas Station (2 West)
– Fontana General Store (2.1 West)
(242) Standing Bear Hosel (0.2 Miles) (Via Green Corner Road)
(275) Hot Springs, NC (on trail)
– Dollar General (on trail)
– Hillbilly Market (174ft North)
– Bluff Mountain Outfitters (on trail)
(320) Nature’s Inn (2.7 North) (Via Sam’s Gap)(Comments mention a small snack store with some resupply options not 100% sure on this though)
(344) Erwin, TN (Via Chestoa Pike)
-Priceless Food (2.1 North)
-Dollar General (2.1 North)
-Food Lion (4.8 North)
(395) Mountain Harbour B&B (0.3 West) (Via US19E)
(420) Hampton, TN (Via Dennis Cove Rd)
– Browns Grocery & Hardware (1.5 West)
– Dollar General (2.3 West)
– Family Dollar (2.8 West)
(428) Boots Off Hostel (0.2 West) (Via Join Rd)
(428) Hampton, TN (Via Highway 67W)
– Browns Grocery & Hardware (2 West)
– Dollar General (2.7 West)
– Family Dollar (3.2 West)
(470) Damascus, VA (on Trail)
– Food City (0.5 North)
– Adventure Damascus on Trail (on trail)
– Mount Rogers Outfitters (on trail)
– Dollar General (on trail)
– Sundog Outfitter (on trail)
– Country Corner Gas Station (on trail)
(502) Grayson Highlands Campground Country Store (1.8 East) (Not sure how good a resupply this place would be couldn’t find much online)
(502) Grayson Highlands General Store & Inn (7.4 South East) (Free Shuttle from Massie Gap(0.4 South))
(546) Atkins, VA (via US Rt. 11)
– Shell & Exxon Gas Station/mini mart (on trail)
– Dollar General (3.1 West)
(556) Quarter Way Inn (0.3 South West) (Opens April 1st) (Via VA rt. 610)
(576) Burkes Garden General Store (5.5 North) (Via VA rt. 623)
(591) Brushy Mt. Outpost (On Trail) Mixed comments on Guthooks about hours/closings so might want to call ahead.
(591) Bland, VA (Via US rt 52)
– Grant’s Supermarket (2.9 South)
– Dollar General (3.1 South)
(637) Pearisburg, VA (via VA rt. 100)
– Food Lion (1.3 East)
– Pearis Mercantile (1.3 East)
– Dollar General (1.7 East)
(703) Catawba Grocery (0.4 North) (Via VA rt 624)
(729) Daleville, VA (Via US rt. 220)
– Kroger (0.4 North)
– Dollar General Market (0.6 South)
(731) Troutville, VA (Via US rt. 11)
– Troutville Grocery & Goods (1.2 North)
– Dollar General Market (1.5 South)
(787) Glasgow, VA (Via US 501)
– Dollar General (6.2 North)
– Glasgow Grocery (6.1 North)
(798) Bueno Vista, VA (Via VA rt. 607)
– May’s Grocery (6.6 North)
– Lewis Service Station & Grocery (7.3 North)
– Dollar General (8.8 North)
– Food Lion (8.9 North)
(825) Montbello, VA (Via Spy Rock rd)
– Montbello Country Store (2 North)
(864) Waynesboro, VA (via US 250W)
– Rockfish Gap Outfitter (2.9 North)
– VAlley Mart (4 North)
– Kroger (4.2 North)
– Walmart Market (4.6 North)
(909) Elkton (Via Swift Run Gap)
– Bear Grocery & Deli (3.1 North)
– Valley Grocery (3.9 North)
– Vally Pantry & Deli (5 North)
– Food Lion (5.6 North)
– Dollar General (5.6 North)
(952) Elkwallow Wayside (0.1 South) (Via Spur Trail)
(972) Front Royal, VA (Via US rt. 522)
– CVS (2.9 North)
– Rite Aid (3.2 North)
– Dollar General (3.3 North)
– Martin’s Food (3.3 North)
– River & Peak Outfitter (3.7 North)
– Neustra Fe Market (3.7 North)
– Mountain Trail Outfitter (4.0 North)
– Robinson’s Grocery (4.4 North)
(1006) The Village Market (1 West) (Via VA rt. 7)
(1019) Sweet Springs Store (0.3 South) (Via Keys Gap WV rt. 9)
(1025) Harper’s Ferry, WV (On Trail)
– Teahorse Hostel & Resupply (0.5 North)
– Town’s Inn (small resupply) (348 Feet North)
– Harper’s Ferry Outfitter (375 Feet North) Not sure if they carry much in the way of food
(1028) Harpers Ferry Hostel & Campground (small resupply) (1.1 West) (Via Keep Tryst Rd)
(1043) Boonsboro, MD (Via US 40A, Turners Gap)
– Weis Markets (3.7 West)
– Dollar General (3.9 West)
(1056) Smithsburg, MD (Via Wolfsville Rd)
– Dollar General (1.7 North)
– Shop n Save (2.5 North)
(1066) Waynesboro, PA (Via Pen Mar Rd)
– Walmart (2.2 West)
– Dollar General (2.3 West)
– Martin’s Food (4.2 West)
(1066) Blueridge Summit, PA (Via Pen Mar Rd)
– Dollar General (1.4 South)
– Sanders Market (2.7 South)
(1084) Fayetteville, PA (Via US rt. 30)
– Rutter’s (1.8 West)
– Dollar General (2.4 West)
– Rite Aid (3.4 West)
– Rutter’s (3.8 West)
(1113) Green Mountain General Store (0.3 South) (via PA rt. 34)
(1115) Mt. Holly Springs, PA (via PA rt. 94)
– Family Dollar (2.1 North)
– Dollar General (2.5 North)
(1123) Boiling Springs, PA (on trail)
– TCO Outdoors (Fly Fishing Some Hiking Gear) (157ft West)
– Lakeside Food Mart (0.1 West)
– Friendly Food Mart (0.3 West)
– Karn’s Food (1.0 West)
(1131) Flying J Truck Stop (0.8 West) (Via US rt. 11)
(1149) Duncannon, PA (on trail)
– Dollar General (0.6 North)
– Mutzabaugh’s Market (0.7 North)
(1194) Pine Grove, PA (Via PA Rt 645)
– BG’s Value Market (4.2 North)
– Dollar General (4.5 North)
– Berger’s Market (4.8 North)
(1219) Port Clinton, PA (on trail)
– Walmart (1.4 South)
– Dollar Tree (1.5 South)
– Cabella’s (2.1 South)
(1260) Walnutport, PA (Via PA rt. 145)
– Kmart (1.9 South)
– Dollar General (2.1 South)
– Dollar Tree (2.1 South)
– Thomson’s Meat Market (2.7 South)
(1260) Palmerton, PA (Via Lehigh Winter Trail + Path to Palmerton)
– Country Harvest Family Market (1.7 North)
– Rite Aid (1.8 North)
(1279) Wind Gap, PA (via PA rt. 33)
– Turkey Hill Minit Mark (0.8 South)
– Giant Food Stores (1.8 South)
– Kmart (1.9 South)
(1279) Saylorsburg, PA (via PA rt. 33)
– Dollar General (3.9 North)
(1295) Delaware Water Gap, PA
– Edge of the Woods Outfitters (0.3 West)
– Village Farmer and Bakery (0.4 West)
– Fuel & Fuel Plaza Water Gap Convenience Store (0.5 West)
(1295) Stroudsburg, PA (Via PA rt. 611)
– Shop Rite of Stroudsburg (3.8 West)
– Walmart (4.3 West)
– CVS (4.3 West)
– Aldi (4.6 West)
– Dollar General (4.9 West)
(1306) Mohican Outdoor Ceneter (0.3 North) (Via Camp Rd)
(1324) Branchville, NJ (Via Culvers Gap)
– Dale’s Market (1.7 South)
(1338) Port Jervis, NY
– Shop Rite of Montague (4.4 North)
– Dollar General (5.5 North)
– Family Dollar (5.7 North)
(1347) Unionville, NY (Via Lott Rd)
– Horler’s General Store (0.4 North)
(1359) Vernon, NJ (Via NJ rt. 94)
-CVS (2.3 South)
-ACME Markets (2.5 South)
(1364) Warwick, NY (via Warwick Turnpike)
– ShopRite (2.6 North)
– Price Chopper (3.1 North)
– Bellvalle Market (6.9 North)
(1372) Greenwood Lake, NY via Village Vista Trail
– Country Grocery (1.1 East)
-CVS (1.3 East)
(1374) Warwick, NY (via NY rt. 17A)
– Bellvalle Market (1.6 North)
– Price Chopper (5.8 North)
– ShopRite (5.9 North)
(1384) Monroe, NY (Via Orange Turnpike)
– Stop & Shop (4.1 North)
– CVS (4.1 North)
– Dollar General (4.4 North)
– Walmart (4.5 North)
– Target (4.5 North)
– ShopRite of Monroe (4.9 North)
– North Face Outlet (5.5 North)
(1405) Highland Falls, NY (Via US 9W – NY 218N)
– Rite Aid (3.6 North)
– My Town Market Place (3.7 North)
– Main Street Grocery (4 North)
(1411) Appalachian Market & Route 9 (266ft North)
(1450) Wingdale & Pawling, NY (via NY rt. 22)
– CVS (2.3 South)
– Hannaford Supermarket (4.1 South)
– Dollar General (4.8 South)
– ACME Markets (5.5 South)
– Wingdale Supermarket (Crappy Resupply Supposedly)(4.2 North)
(1461) Bulls Bridge Country Store (0.5 East) (Via Bulls Bridge Rd)
(1469) Kent, CT (Via CT Rt. 341)
– Backcountry Outfitters (mixed reviews sounds like it’s not really geared toward hikers) (0.8 East)
– Davis IGA (1.3 East)
(1501) Salisbury, CT (via US rt. 44)
– LaBonne’s Market (0.7 South)
(1523) Great Barrington, MA (Via US rt. 7)
– Guido’s Fresh Marketplace (really pricey by the sound of it)(2 West)
– Big Y World Class Market (2 West)
– CVS (2.8 West)
– Gorham & Norton Inc. (2.9 West)
– Rite Aid (3.1 West)
– Price Chopper (4.7 West)
– Dollar Tree (4.8 West)
(1552) Lee, MA (Via US rt. 20)
– Big Y World Class Market (3.7 West)
– Rite Aid (4.5 West)
(1571) Dalton, MA (on trail)
– Cumberland Farms Convience Store (On Trail)
– Dalton General Store (0.5 North)
– Target (1.9 North)
– Market 32 (2 West)
– Walmart (2 West)
– Dollar Tree (2.1 West)
– Stop & Shop (2.2 West)
– Aldi (2.4 West)
– Dollar General (4.2 North)
(1580) Cheshire, MA (on trail)
– HD Reynolds General Store (0.3 West)
– Dollar General (0.2 West)
(1594) Williamstown, MA (Via MA Rt. 2)
– Stop & Shop (0.5 West)
– Rite Aid (1.5 West)
– Wild Oats Market (1.7 West)
– Dollar General (1.8 West)
(1594) Clarksburg, MA (Via MA Rt. 2)
– Big Y World Class Market (2.4 East)
– Dollar Tree (2.5 East)
(1613) Greenwood Lodge & Campsite (2.8 East) (via VT r. 9 Woodford Hollow)
(1613) Bennington, VT (via VT r. 9 Woodford Hollow)
– Henry’s Market Inc. (4.2 West)
– Family Dollar (5.2 West)
– Dollar General (5.2 West)
– Aldi (6.1 West)
– Price Choper (6.7 West)
– Hannaford Supermarket (7.5 West)
(1653) Manchester Center, VT (Via Old Rootville rd)
– Price Chopper (3.8 West)
– Fortuna’s Sausage & Italian Market (4 West)
– Shaws (4.3 West)
(1679) Wallingford, VT (via VT rt. 140)
– Cumberland Farms Convience Store (3.1 West)
– Family Dollar (3.2 West)
(1685) Rutland, VT (via VT rt. 103)
– Loretta’s Good Food Deli (0.9 West)
– Steve’s Country Market (3.2 West)
– Hannaford Super Market (5.5 West)
– Aldi (5.7 West)
(1703) Rutland, VT (Via US rt. 4)
– Dollar General (8 West)
– Tops Friendly Markets (8.2 West)
– Walmart (8.9 West)
– Price Chopper (9 West)
(1706) Killington, VT (via VT Rt 100)
– Base Camp Outfitters (0.5 South)
– Killington Deli & Marketplace (0.6 South)
– Killington Market (2.6 South)
(1727) On the Edge Farmstead (0.1 North) (Via VT rt 12)
(1748) Norwich, VT (on trail)
– Dan & Whit’s General Store (0.1 North)
(1750) Hanover, NH (on trail)
– Zimmermanns The North Face (240 ft South)
– CVS (0.1 South)
– Hanover Food Co-op (On Trail)
(1783) Wenthworth, NH (via NH Rt 25A)
– Dollar General (4.1 East)
– Shawnee’s General Store (small resupply) (4.6 South)
(1793) Glencliff, NH (via NH Rt. 25)
– Hikers Welcome Hostel (0.4 South)
(1819) Woodstock + Lincoln, NH (via US rt. 3)
– Wayne’s Market (5.5 South)
– Family Dollar (5.6 South)
– Purple Tomato (5.7 South)
– Price Chopper (5.7 South)
– Rite Aid (5.7 South)
– Lahout’s Summit Shop (5.8 South)
(1847) Crawford Noth General Store & Camp (Pricey) (3.7 South) (via US Rt 302)
(1873) Pinkham Notch Vistors Center (Limited Resupply)(On Trail)
(1893) Gorham, NH (via US rt 2)
– Nicely’s Market (3.4 West)
– Cumberland Farms Convenience Store (3.4 West)
– Scoggins General Store (3.8 West)
– Dollar Tree (6.3 West)
– Save-A-Lot (6.3 West)
– Walmart (6.9 West)
(1945) Andover, ME (via South Arm Rd)
– Andover General Store (8.2 South)
– Mill’s Market (8.3 Miles)
(1972) Rangeley, ME (via ME rt 4)
– Rangeley IGA (8.8 North)
– Ecopelagicon Outfitter (9.5 North)
– Alpine Shop Outfitter (9.5 North)
(2004) Carrabassett Valley, ME (via ME rt. 27)
– Mountainside Grocers (2.7 East)
– Hostel of Maine (3.4 East)
(2004) Stratton, ME (via ME rt. 27)
– Flagstaff General Store (4.9 West)
– Fotter’s Market (5.2 West)
(2041) Cartunk/The Forks, ME (via US rt. 201)
– Caratunk House Hiker Hostel (0.1 South)
– The Sterling Inn (1.4 South)
(2074) Monson, ME (via side trail to Pleasent St.)
– Shaw’s Hiker Hostel (1.8 East)
– Poet’s Gear Emporium (1.8 East)
– Monson General Store (1.9 East)
– AE Robinson Convenience Store (2.1 East)
(2177) Millinocket, ME (via Golden Road)
– Abol Bridge (light resupply pricey)(on Trail)
– North Woods Trading Post (10 East)
– Katahdin General Store (18.1 East)
– Rideout’s AG Market (19 East)
– Family Dollar (19.6 East)
– Dollar Tree (19.6 East)
– Save-a-Lot (19.7 East)
– Hannaford Supermarket (19.8 East)



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